Tooltip Manager

This is a scriptable object which handles the instantiation of Tooltip. The manager also contains the line styles and few other settings.

Simple Usage

The manager must be placed in a Resources directory in your project.

To create the manager right click in your Project view then select Create -> UI Managers -> Tooltip Manager.

Configure the text line styles that are going to be used by the tooltip.

Assign the Tooltip prefab.

Code Usage

You can access the tooltip manager at any time by the Instance static property.

public void InstantiateIfNecessary(GameObject rel)
    if (UITooltipManager.Instance == null || UITooltipManager.Instance.prefab == null)

    // Get the canvas
    Canvas canvas = UIUtility.FindInParents(rel);

    if (canvas == null)

    // Instantiate a tooltip
    Instantiate(UITooltipManager.Instance.prefab, canvas.transform, false);