Spell Slot

An extension of Slot Base designed for spells, in addition this slot can have an ID and Slot Group.


In order to change the spell slot tooltip you have to locate and change the method PrepareTooltip(UISpellInfo spellInfo) inside the cs file.


In order to to have cooldown you have to setup the component Slot Cooldown.


The slot has three events, onAssign, onUnassign and onClick.

Here is an example of eligible methods for the events.

public void OnAssign(UISpellSlot slot) { }

public void OnUnassign(UISpellSlot slot) { }

public void OnClick(UISpellSlot slot) { }

Code Usage

You can access any slot via the static methods GetSlots(), GetSlotsWithID(int ID), GetSlotsInGroup(UISpellSlot_Group group) and GetSlot(int ID, UISpellSlot_Group group).

Here is an example of how to get and assign a spell slot by id and group.

public void TestAssignSlot(int id, UISpellSlot_Group group)
    UISpellSlot slot = UISpellSlot.GetSlot(id, group);
    if (slot == null || UISpellDatabase.Instance == null)