Item Slot

An extension of Slot Base designed for items, in addition this slot can have an ID and Slot Group.


In order to change the item slot tooltip you have to locate and change the method PrepareTooltip(UIItemInfo itemInfo) inside the cs file.


The slot has five events, onRightClick, onDoubleClick, onAssign, onAssignWithSource and onUnassign.

Here is an example of eligible methods for the events.

public void OnRightClick(UISpellSlot slot) { }

public void OnDoubleClick(UISpellSlot slot) { }

public void OnAssign(UISpellSlot slot) { }

public void OnAssignWithSource(UISpellSlot slot, Object source) { }

public void OnUnassign(UISpellSlot slot) { }

Code Usage

You can access any slot via the static methods GetSlots(), GetSlotsWithID(int ID), GetSlotsInGroup(UIItemSlot_Group group) and GetSlot(int ID, UIItemSlot_Group group).

Here is an example of how to get and assign a item slot by id and group.

public void TestAssignSlot(int id, UIItemSlot_Group group)
    UIItemSlot slot = UIItemSlot.GetSlot(id, group);
    if (slot == null || UIItemDatabase.Instance == null)


You can implement item destruction confirmation by unchecking the property Allow Throw Away and overriding the method OnThrowAwayDenied().

/// <summary>
/// This method is raised when the slot is denied to be thrown away and returned to it's source.
/// </summary>
protected override void OnThrowAwayDenied()
    if (!this.IsAssigned())

    if (UIModalBoxManager.Instance == null)
        Debug.LogWarning("Could not load the modal box manager while creating a modal box.");

    UIModalBox box = UIModalBoxManager.Instance.Create(this.gameObject);
    if (box != null)
        box.SetText1("Do you really want to destroy \"" + this.m_ItemInfo.Name + "\"?");
        box.SetText2("You wont be able to reverse this operation and your item will be permamently removed.");