Black Overlay Manager

This is a scriptable object which handles the instantiation of Black Overlay used by the Window component.

Simple Usage

The manager must be placed in a Resources directory in your project.

To create the manager right click in your Project view then select Create -> UI Managers -> Black Overlay Manager.

Assign the Black Overlay prefab.

Code Usage

You can access the black overlay manager at any time by the Instance static property.

public UIBlackOverlay GetBlackOverlay(GameObject relativeGameObject)
    // Find the black overlay in the current canvas
    Canvas canvas = UIUtility.FindInParents(relativeGameObject);

    if (canvas != null)
        // Try finding an overlay in the canvas
        UIBlackOverlay overlay = canvas.gameObject.GetComponentInChildren();

        if (overlay != null)
            return overlay;

        // In case no overlay is found instantiate one
        if (UIBlackOverlayManager.Instance != null && UIBlackOverlayManager.Instance.prefab != null)
            return UIBlackOverlayManager.Instance.Create(canvas.transform);

    return null;